The Fitting Room

The fitting room at Posh Lingerie is designed to help ensure that you are wearing the proper bra size by offering suggestions on fit.  In addition, with all the different bra and panty styles to choose from, we provide you with tips on which style to choose based on what look you want to achieve from your lingerie.  All Fit Guides listed on Posh are in U.S. sizing.  Please also reference the Fit and Tips information on each product page for additional sizing recommendations specific to each brand. 

Bra-Fitting Tips

Most women already have some idea of their bra size.  However, many do not.  To find your approximate fit measure yourself around the band just below the breasts.  Then measure at the fullest part of your breasts.  Subtract the band size from the fullest measurement size.  For each inch it will be a cup size.  For instance if you measure 34” at your band and your full measurement is 37” you would be a “C” cup since there is 3 inches difference in the two numbers.  If you are in between even numbers such as a 35” band measurement round up to the next even number and that will be a 36” band.  Using a tape measure is only a guideline, so trying on bras to determine your size is, of course, the best way.

Putting on a bra

Always hook to the loosest set of eyes. This will allow you to adjust and tighten the band as the bra loosens. When the band is secure, lean forward and gently lift your breasts into the cups so that they sit higher in the bra cup and do not get caught behind the wire in the armpits, then adjust the underwire to fit in the crease without pinching. Adjust the straps and make sure they are not too tight or too loose. To ensure proper fitting, you should be able to slide two finger widths under the strap. Remember, all the support comes from the band-not the straps. Only 20% of lift comes from the straps while approximately 80% comes from the band.

Proper-fitting bra

To determine whether you are wearing the proper bra size, make sure your bra fits as follows: 

The band should sit horizontally across your back and parallel to the underside of the bust. The band should fit snuggly without riding up.

The straps should sit parallel or slightly V-shaped and they should not dig into the shoulder (though some very full breasted women may experience digging, a properly fitted bra will greatly decrease this).

The underwire and center front should sit flat against the breast bone. The underwire should also fit under and around the natural crease of each breast. The wire on the side of each breast should rest on skin and not the “fleshy” part of the breast tissue.

The cups should have no bulges or gaps. The breast tissue should be completely supported by the underwire and fit comfortably within the cups.




Lingerie Styles

Depending on how you want to express your sensuality – whether it be in a daring, classic or discreet manner – here are some tips for choosing your lingerie styles.

How to choose a bra style:



To achieve the classic décolletage choose a demi or balconnet style– perfect for those plunging necklines. For a seamless, subtle lift with an invisible fit, select a contour cup. For a discreet, yet tantalizing effect, choose a lace bra with embroidery detailing on the cups. Allowing a little lace to peek through will add a touch of sexy elegance to any outfit! Demi styles work best on small to moderate sized breasts, while balconnets work for all shapes and sizes.


Enhanced Curves:

For maximum curves, choose a balconnet or padded push up bra, which will deliciously lift and add a rounded fullness to your figure while exposing the upper-side of the breasts.  This style is perfect for those evening when you want to abandon subtlety and allow your curves to do the talking.

pic03Natural Look:

Natural or classic style.  This style is perfect for all breast shapes.  With the natural shape you will not have to compromise sex appeal for comfort and support-especially when the bra you choose is made entirely of lace!  Recommend coordinating this bra with a matching panty to achieve an overall seductive and confident look.

pic04Bridal Look:

For that special day, only the perfect bra will do.  Femininity and support –as well as curves–are a must.  Depending on your gown, a strapless or convertible–style bra will be your best choice for this special occasion.  To ensure your strapless bra stays in place, consider a bustier that will add extra support while shaping the waist.


For that special day, only the perfect bra will do. Femininity and support –as well as curves–are a must. Depending on your gown, a strapless or convertible–style bra will be your best choice for this special occasion. To ensure your strapless bra stays in place, consider a bustier that will add extra support while shaping the waist, or a strapless bra with an anti-slip band to prevent slippage. Lastly, no bridal look would be complete without coordinating panty, garter and hosiery.
How to choose a panty style:



Bikini or Standard Brief:

The brief style offers full rear coverage in the traditional style and mid-rise waist support.  The Bikini cut offers the same front cut and coverage while allowing for a bit of cheeky fit in the rear.  Versatile, this style perfectly compliments any outfit.


Tanga or Thong:

The thong offers front coverage while daringly exposing the rear.  Invisible under clothing-no need to worry about panty lines! Tanga styles typically have a fuller coverage in the rear than a traditioinal thong, while a g-string style will a string for the side and rear piece.

pic07Shorty, Hipster, or Boyshort:

This style of panty typically has wider sides and a fuller coverage rear and front. This style is particularily flattering on more curvaceous figures either in hip or rear.



The high-cut brief offers full front and rear coverage.  The modern full-coverage brief lends confidence and comfort to any outfit.




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